about milo

seamless setup

Swipes and lights are all it takes to get Milo setup: Milo’s lights give feedback about each step as the mobile app walks you through. It’s the easiest, fastest setup among wifi systems of its kind—because it shouldn’t take work to set up a mesh network.

boosted coverage

Milo lets you enjoy more of your bandwidth by optimizing network paths for best reliability and speed over the biggest distance. SmartSeek and BaseLink technologies identify the best configuration for your unique home situation.

brilliant value

Milo was designed by real people, for real-life homes, because we wanted to make the promise of true whole-home wifi a reality, for everyone. So it’s priced with real people in mind, too—no inflated boasts to justify an inflated price.

family-size your wifi

Milo brings the whole house together by bringing the signal where you want it—so no one has to compromise.

Milo is designed to work well in crowded environments.

With the kids’ latest online gaming fixation, a whole season to binge watch, and work to be done on your laptop and phone, bandwidth at home is stretched pretty thin these days. Milo is designed to work well in crowded environments—so whether your dwelling is loaded with devices, packed with people, or both, signal loss won’t be a problem.

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Milo's wifi mesh system was made to work with your home and adapt as it changes.

Place Milos around the house wherever you need more coverage. And if you end up rearranging them, don’t worry—the Milo system reconnects and optimizes again, all on its own.

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Tough construction is no match for Milo.

Thick walls or lots of metal might have hampered your signal in the past. But Milo beats even the most challenging home construction styles by optimizing according to your home’s unique layout, spreading wifi around tricky corners and through to those hard-to-reach spots.

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What good is a mansion if you can’t get a signal?

Just two Milos can cover homes up to 2,500 sq. feet. Meanwhile, larger abodes are more than covered by the Milo three-pack. The single pack Milo is perfect for apartments, or to expand any existing Milo network. No matter how palatial your property, SmartSeek creates an optimized network, so you’re always getting the best speed and coverage.

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we’ve got your back.

Our 100% US-based customer support team is on hand to help you work through any potential snares. Using the cloud lets our team provide personalized, detailed, in-the-moment support. You could say they truly go the extra Milo.

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the nitty gritty


BaseLink lets you toss the Ethernet cable and let Milo stretch its legs. By connecting wirelessly to your router, Milo pushes its network to the edge and hacks away redundant coverage.


SmartSeek runs in the background, checking your connections and rerouting them when there’s room for improvement.


The mobile app keeps you tapped in to Milo’s constantly updating world and alerts about new products and features as they become available.


Each Milo has a 1.2 GHz quad core processor and enough memory and storage to support many exciting future feature updates.


Each Milo has dual-band 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless radios and intuitively selects the best bands and channels to use.


Milo has its own firewall and uses WPA2 personal wireless encryption in addition to sitting securely inside your router’s safety net.