Get your full bars, baby


Milo 2.0

twice as fast, better coverage, lower price

milo works with any router

everything you need, nothing you don't

better coverage

No nook goes unnoticed. Milo serves every room and every device with great wifi.


Whole-home mesh wifi without the whole-paycheck price becomes reality with Milo.

ease of use

You want to surf and stream, not struggle with set up. Milo simplifies and satisfies.


Every home is unique. Milo offers more options for whipping up your dream wifi.

1-2-3 and go..


Milo likes trees so we’ve gone digital. The Milo Wifi mobile app is waiting for you on the Apple Store or Google Play Store to guide you to great wifi

set up

Let Milo guide you through the painless process. Naming your network, checking your connection, and playing with passwords is easy-breezy


The real fun begins when Milo extends glorious wifi to forgotten rooms and front-porch rocking chairs, basement recliners and garage wood-shops


I didn’t have great wifi everywhere in a two-room apartment. The second room got such slow wifi it wasn’t usable. With Milo, I can’t tell the difference between standing next to the router or connecting to the Milo in the second room. Works great!

Ben N.

I’ve tried to get wifi in my bedroom but nothing worked until Milo! The router is downstairs which left most of the upstairs barely connected. With Milo, I’m getting fast wifi that never drops…even where I never had a wifi signal before.

Deborah L.

I recommend Milo to anyone having issues with whole house coverage of wifi. Milo provided my entire house with a strong, usable signal. The initial setup of the system was painless and very fast. Other systems took the better part of an hour.

Larry Y.

My wifi router is in a closet near the entry of our condo. Using the Milo app took less than 15 minutes to connect the units. Now we cannot find an area that doesn’t have fast wifi. Easy setup with these results should make Milo very popular!

Bob H.

My wide home has a wifi router positioned at one end while the bedrooms sit in a wifi dead spot at the opposite end. With Milo, I now get full coverage through the house. My Kindle likes Milo and my son’s Xbox now has no lag when streaming.

Jena D.

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