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Bringing Milo to your business is the easiest thing on your to-do list. Setup is a snap, and Milo mesh networks optimize and update on their own—so you don’t have to worry about wayward wifi on the job.

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With a plug-and-play setup and minimal maintenance supported by automatic optimization and updates from the cloud, Milo's hybrid mesh wifi solution keeps all of your customers connected while letting you focus on being the boss.


Top-tier wifi that won’t budge the bottom line: Milo brings better, more reliable coverage to the whole company and all your customers, at half the price of competitors.

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A weak wifi signal is a signal to leave.

But Milo makes customers want to get comfy, creating a broad blanket of secure coverage that improves overall productivity, while increasing value and incentive for customers.

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When you’ve got great wifi, business booms.

So it’s a good thing that Milo is designed to work well in dense and crowded environments—minimizing signal loss even in your business’s busiest hours.

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"Adapt or die” applies to wifi too.

The demands of running a business are dynamic—and so is Milo. Milo uses SmartSeek intelligent mesh network design to re-adjust and optimize to new environments on the fly.

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How many Milos will be joining your team?

Whatever the size of your business, Milo can meet your needs. Single packs cover up to 1,250 sq. ft. , 2-packs up to 2,500 sq. ft, and 3-packs take care of spaces up to 3,750 sq. ft. Expand beyond that with single pack add-ons. Milo’s BaseLink technology lets it connect wirelessly to your existing network, and a few other Milos stationed elsewhere work to spread the signal evenly.

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See why Milo’s a shoe-in.

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Wifi keeps your business running, so setup can’t slow you down. Milo is up and running right out of the box, and as simple to understand as a traffic signal, with lights that give real-time connection feedback.


Milo works wirelessly by connecting to your existing network, or you can wire Milo directly to your router. Either way, you don’t have to worry about changing your current setup.


While other wifi systems prop up wince-worthy price points with false promises of speeds as dizzying as their pricetags, Milo brings you hybrid mesh wifi at its highest potential, for the lowest cost.

Don't accept slow for an answer

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