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Because you can’t take slow for an answer.

Where your router signal struggles to penetrate through walls and leaves you loading, Milo’s intuitive network springs the signal where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Steady, speedy coverage, spread evenly to fit your unique array of devices and spaces.

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three wifi systems

Coverage Area

Milo makes sure no nook goes uncovered. A few Milos stationed around your home or office work as a team to make sure every room and every device gets strong, dependable coverage.

Ease of Use

Whether you’re the “just wing it” type, or you prefer to let the mobile app walk you through step-by-step, Milo is designed with simple instructions so that setup is always a cinch.


Whole-home wifi doesn’t have to mean whole-paycheck price. We fine-tuned the fundamentals to bring you superior performance at half the cost of competitors.


When you download the Milo mobile app, you don’t just access Milo’s BaseLink wireless set-up capabilities—you also become a Milo insider, with exclusive access to all the upcoming additional features that we’re constantly developing, and instant updates to software and performance, right as they occur.

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Going mobile with Milo means it’s just a few swipes to setup. All you do is walk through the steps, sit back, and let Milo do the rest of the work for you, as its unique BaseLink technology wirelessly connects to and augments your existing network—no finagling necessary.

iphone mockup with milo wifi app
cloud power

Each Milo is connected to the cloud, allowing software updates and new performance features to integrate automatically, the instant they happen. Milo self-optimizes the moment you set it up, using SmartSeek to determine your unique personal environment and configure the best possible network to match.


Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom wifi was meant to bring. Connectivity compromises are a thing of the past.

Experience Wifi without walls

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